Official welcome Meet and greet followed by an introduction from Runcorn Cricket Club staff and players who will be assisting throughout the day.
Cricket highlights Short DVD showcasing some outstanding past cricket performances.
Preparation exercises Participants to be split into groups for warm-ups and dynamic stretches with Runcorn Cricket Club’s English Cricket Board qualified coaching team.
Group coaching The groups will be taught the basic elements of; batting, bowling and fielding with the English Cricket Board qualified coaching team.
Pre-game practice The groups will have the opportunity to hone their new skills in Runcorn Cricket Club’s state-of-theart practice nets, before putting them to use in game situations.
Game time Players will be split into teams and the tournament begins. There will be two different games played – Diamond Cricket and Kwik Cricket
Bola bowling experience Put you wits against the Bowla Bowling Machine. This machine is used by players up to Test level to practice their batting. The machine can send a ball down to the batter at any speed from 30 to 80 mph.
Presentation and cricket tea Presentation of awards followed by cricket tea and refreshments, with a final word to finish.

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